Chargeback Fraud Policy

Regrettably, credit card fraud has become a way of life. One example of credit card fraud is using chargebacks to exploit both POS retailers and issuing banks.

As you know, cardholders obtain credit cards from banks, which are referred to as the "issuing bank." A chargeback (also known as a reversal) is a form of customer protection which allows cardholders to file a complaint and open an investigation regarding fraudulent transactions on their statement.

Once the cardholder files a dispute, the issuing bank begins an investigation into the complaint. If the transaction is proven fraudulent, the issuing bank will then refund the original value of the purchase to the cardholder and charge the retailer for the cost of purchase plus a chargeback fee.

As a retailer, iFORi Hair Collection acknowledges this a valid and necessary step in protection of credit cardholders. We also recognize that most cardholders would never participate in fraudulent activities. However, a certain criminal element exists that uses this protection to defraud.


For online purchases, we accept the following as payment: Credit Card: Master Card, Visa, Discover Card, and American Express; Debit Cards with Master Card or Visa logo and Amazon Pay.

We require the cardholder’s shipping address to be identical to the cardholder’s billing address on record. We also require a signature upon delivery.

Fraudulent chargebacks will be prosecuted for theft and credit card fraud, sent to collections and reported to all major credit bureaus.

Policy Changes - reserves the right at our discretion to make changes to these policies. Please check this page periodically for changes.